About Balloon

Here you can store your files using Blockchain technology (Ethereum) so that no one can access it but you. Saving a file with Balloon is as easy as completing the file form in the Home section and you will be able to access it for life and from any device.

When you upload a file with Balloon, first, we will cipher it, and after that your file will be saved in the IPFS network (and that is why it is going to be accessible form any place in the world), ensuring that your file is stored in a decentralized way, without third parties, for a life time. You will be able to download your files any time from the chart you will see below the 'Save a file!' form.

If you want to contact us just click here to send us an e-mail.

What do you need to upload a file?

All you need in order to get started is to have a wallet in metamask.io and after that you have to
buy Ether so that you can pay for the transaction of uploading your files into the Ethereum Blockchain.

Balloon team

Nicolas Grupe

Nicolás Grupe

Systems Engineer

E-Mail Nicolás
Marcos Lozada

Marcos Lozada

Systems Engineer

E-Mail Marcos